VegaLyfe Store : Offers Complete Vegan Product | Gluten Free Food | Organic Grocery | Herbal Personal Care | Herbal Baby Care | Chocolates | Tea and Superfoods is India’s First Vegan, Vegetarian & Organic Store and biggest Gluten Free Food Store. For those who Value Healthy Living offers over thousands of pure vegetarian, organic & herbal products, right from chemical or pesticide free and naturally grown pulses, rice, wheat, spices, cereals, vegetable oil to latest non-leather fashion collections offers it all. Every single product in is handpicked and is made sure that:
a. Food items are naturally grown without use of pesticides or chemicals.
b. Cosmetics, baby products and body care products are manufactured with materials that supports healthy living and DOES NOT use any derivatives from animal body or tested on them.
c. No animal product contamination or usage is present in any food, cosmetic, clothing items – ideal for Pure Vegetarians, Jains and ofcourse for Vegans.


VegaLyfe prides itself in being PETA approved & sells products in line with the philosophy by Vegan Society. We bring together some of the finest foods, cosmetics, fashion items, baby products and lifestyle brands for those who care more than normal. Every product in VegaLyfe promises 100% quality and purity.


Every food item sold in VegaLyfe store is naturally grown and processed, be it the oil free pickle, ready to eat diet snacks or the organic sugar. Neither any dead animal material nor any chemicals are used for their processing. No sentient being is harmed in getting any product for your consumption.


Vegetarian in the real sense of the word. Milk and dairy harm the cow and buffaloes as much as meat or eggs do. We sell only plant based food. No animals are harmed or killed in producing any product sold in our store.


Every food, cosmetic and fabric marked organic in our store is manufactured or grown in complete natural conditions without use of any kind of CHEMICALS, PESTICIDES, FERTILIZERS & PRESERVATIVES.


Finding animal-friendly clothing, accessories and retail products just got even easier, thanks to the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo. Popping up on products everywhere, this nifty new logo makes it a snap to spot animal-friendly items at a glance. All companies that use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo must sign PETA’s statement of assurance verifying that their products are vegan, so you can shop with confidence. Companies may use the logo in relation to their vegan products or, if the companies are fully vegan, in relation to their shops as a whole. Visit for more info.


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