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Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack


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Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack is enriched with Medicinal Neem & Amla
Neem to reduce dandruff, Hibiscus for hair thickening, Methi for hair growth, Amla strenthens the hair roots, Bhringraj for shiny black hair, Brahmi to prevent hair loss.
Product Ingredients : Neem ,Khas Khas ,
Hibiscus , Methi, Amla , Brahmi & Bhringraj
Shelf Life : 24 months

Brand- Ancient Living

Weight - 100g

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Dandruff is termed as Darunaka or Arunshika in Ayurveda. It is often characterised by Kandu (itching) Keshachyuthi (Hair fall).Ayurveda prescribes wholistic treatments for prevention and cure of various hair problems. Herbal pastes, oils are an important part of the treatment. Ancient Living anti dandruff pack contains 7 potent herbs to fight dandruff effectively. Usage of whole plants is considered more effective than small quantities of bio extracts as their properties often get diluted or altered in extraction processes. Neem the active ingredient in the pack has been described as Krimihara (anti microbial) while Khus khus has Shodana or cleansing properties. Regular use keeps hair soft, healthy and dandruff free. For maximum results use Ancient Living head massage oils followed by ritualistic hair cleansing using Ancient Living hair washes. Ayurveda describes Amla as Shriphala and Amritphala, a fruit which is not only auspicious but also highly nourishing. It is considered as one of the best herbs for hair care because of high content of natural Vit C. Brahmi, is an Adaptogenic Herb is known to be a Nerve Tonic, Rejuvenator, & Stress Reducer. Hibiscus, also known as flower of hair care. Hibiscus flowers are muciloginous, rich in amino acids, making it excellent choice for hair care. Methi, rich in proteins provides proteins.

Product Certifications : GMP
Special Instructions : Mix required quantity with water or a cup of curd and a teaspoon of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply to the scalp and hair evenly. Wait for an hour before washing.

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