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Handi - Clay Cookware


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Cooking in a clay handi, allows the porous nature of a clay to retain the moisture and circulate the heat uniformly within the pot, that ensures the dish is perfectly cooked and full of flavour. Moreover, that earthy taste and aroma are unmatchable!

Clay cooking handi is alkaline in nature so they mix well with acid present in food and perfectly balance out the PH level of what we cook and making the dish healthier as compare to food cooked in non-stick or metal utensils.

Another unique thing about clay pot cooking is that it soaks the water before using it. Then, while cooking, the pot gradually releases steam. This cooks your food in a particularly moist way, and it means you can use fewer liquids and oils when cooking. Additionally, you can prevent yourself and your family from the hazard of cooking in aluminium ware which has gained popularity. Research proves that cooking in aluminium ware and the slow leeching into the food is one of the reasons to cause Alzheimer's and Parkinsons.

Height : 5. 5 In | Width : 13.5 n | Weight : 2.5 KG | Capacity : 2 Litre |  Material : Natural Clay  |  Packing :Thermocol Box

Handi makes the food more delicious while retaining its nutritive value.

Brand- Mitti Cool

Color- Black

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 It gives natural taste to the food.
 Unlike Aluminum Pan, it is hygienic and natural.
Clay Handi
How to use?
 Before you start cooking in the Handi, fill the it with water or buttermilk for 12
Hours, which gives the pan better strength. Then get it dry.
Washing Method
 After Emptying The Handi Of the Food, please fill it with
 Water and keep the water standing in it, for 10 Minutes. Use soft sponge or soft
brush to clean it.

Note: Soak The Handi Into Normal Water for 48 Hours and
allow drying for 24 hours to increase the Durabili.

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