It's really simple to work with us and sell your Products all across India.
3 step process to follow:
1. Download the format sheet here and fill in the product details.
2. Send a mail to us at and along with the product sheet and  brochure describing your products.
3. Attach any certifications that you may have.
Contact Us here and write a brief about your brand and products. We shall get back to you within 24 hours.

As a policy VegaLyfe sells only and only Vegan products that have no cruelty of any sort involved. Kindly connect with only your vegan range of products. To know more about Vegan  click here
In addition to being vegan your products can be Organic, Cruelty free, Eco friendly and we welcome you to share more about that with us. 
Let's care and grow together for a better tomorrow. We owe to our future generation. We do our bit.
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