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Non-Stick Tava provides low oil cooking facility.

Brand- Mitti Cool

Color- Black

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 Saves up to 25% of gas.
 Gives natural taste.
 Every kind of breads like Roti, Paratha, Nan, Pizza, Dhosa, wrap can be cooked
with minimum oil making the food healthy.
 It comes with a stand which protects it from breaking due to mishandling.
 Food grade coating instead of Teflon chemical is used for healthy and hygienic
food experience.

How to use?
1) Avoid using metal spatulas and utensils which may damage the coating when
cooking with a nonstick Tawa. Use silicone or wooden utensil to flip the bread.
2) Clean the Tawa in the sink using a sponge or soft cloth. Do not use Brillo pads,
steel wool, or metal scrubbers on nonstick surfaces.
3) Don’t overheat your nonstick Tawa. When using a nonstick Tawa, cook on low
or medium heat. Also, do not leave your Tawa unattended, especially when
empty. Turn off the heat as soon as you are done cooking.
4) Don’t deep hot Tawa directly in water, it may damage the nonstick surface and
can create breakage though it is made from clay.
5) When the nonstick surface appears scratched or pitted, it is time to get a new

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