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Amla Powder


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Ingredients:Sun-dried Amla or Gooseberry

Shelf Life:Store in a dry container and keep it the refregirator. Use before 6 months

Brand- Early Foods

Weight - 100g

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Nourishing Facts:
  • Sun-drying Amla/Gooseberries preserve the nutrition naturally compared to oven dried Amla powder
  • Very rich in Vitamic C that wards of cold & cough and builds immunity
  • Rich Source of Calcium, approx 10 times richer in Calcium that grains like wheat, rice etc.
  • Vitamin C helps absorption of iron better
  • Removes toxins and purifies blood
  • No preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavours added

Who can use this?

6+ months

How to use:

  • For infants less than 1 yr, add 1/4th teaspoon into the porridges or dal. This can help replace the need for salt
  • Use this powder in your cooking (1/2-1 teaspoon) wherever there is a need for sourness.
  • Other innovative combinations are with curd or raita or salad, use instead of dried mango powder

Our food science:

  1. Whole Wheat - Easily digestible. Great source of protein & fiber.
  2. Millets (Ragi/Foxtail/Bajra) - Rich source of calcium, iron, protein and fiber. Great for development of bones and the nervous system
  3. Yellow Moong - Easy to digest. Great source of folic acid needed for cell growth

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