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Neem Wood Comb standard big


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Why use unhealthy Plastic combs on your hair, when you have a natural and healthier alternative? Vegalyfe's neem wood comb
is an ideal natural hair care solution to eliminate dandruff & scalp infections and reduce hair fall

Brand- VegaLyfe

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Do you know plastic combs we use daily, are made from celluloid or synthetic plastics and scientists are now realising the harmful effects of celluloid plastics on our body? In different temperate and physical conditions, plastic comb extracts phthalate chemicals. These chemicals then go inside our body through scalp skin interferes with our hormones and endocrine system, which is the network of glands that orchestrate physical growth and development.

Vegalyfe's neem wood comb works as a natural anti-bacterial effect on your scalp and ensures elimination of dandruff, chances of scalp infections, naturally. Ideal to reduce hair fall.

1. Natural remedy for stopping hair fall

2. Natural Anti-bacterial effect on hair

3. Eliminates dandruff & scalp infections

4. 100% safer in compare to harmful plastic combs

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