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QUINOA PUFFS - Saucy Salsa


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Quinoa puffs are excellent diet snacks, not fried, not baked, gluten free, no added preservative and a great source of protein. Ideal snacks for those who value great health. Quinoa puff by Green snacks is made with amaranth, ragi and soya. Quinoa puff is good for you, they're also as healthy as they are lip-smacking

Brand- The Green Snack Co.

Weight - 50g

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Quinoa puff by Green snacks are prepared with a heady concoction of Quinoa and 5 other most nutritious and super healthy grains known to man, and dressed with some luscious kale and garlic seasoning, this roasted and puffed snack is our very own Blockbuster that’s hell bent on breaking your hunger!

No added preservatives, Gluten Free, Source of protein with super grains Amranth, Ragi & Soya.

Not baked, Not fried, No MSG, No additives   

The Green Snack Company is a famous brand that makes healthy, nutritious and delicious snacks, prepared using different super foods, and are truly good for you. They’re made using completely fresh and natural ingredients, without any added sugar, preservatives, additives, MSG, flavorings etc. using a process that does not involve baking, frying or any other traditional cooking method, which ensures that every bite has that Raw Goodness that you truly deserves! Basically All Natural! Nothing Artificial! And Great for You!

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Brand The Green Snack Co.
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