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 Fertility & Enhancing Libido, 7 sachets
Sexual Wellness

Brand- Unived

Weight - 100g

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PROSEED is an effective natural blend of L-arginine, L-cartinine, and Lycopene which are powerful amino acids & antioxidants that treats infertility, improves sperm count & motility, and enhances the libido; 7 sachets; Zero side-effects; 100% natural; Suitable for Jains, vegans, and vegetarians; Registered by the Vegan Society - UK

PROSEED is a natural effectual and long term therapy of potent amino acids & antioxidants for fertility, enhancing libido, increasing sperm count & motility safely.

 Ingredients :L-arginine, L-cartinine, Lycopene

Benefits :  Treats infertility by alleviating impotence, improving sperm count & motility, enhancing libido, treating erectile dysfunction, and defending the body against free-radical induced impotence

Dosage and Direction  :adults take 1 sachet daily or as directed by your physician

Caution  :Keep out of reach of children; Store in a cool dry place

Expiry Date:  12 months after manufacturing date

Certification : PETA; The Vegan Society - UK

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