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Height : 23 In | Width : 10.5 In | Depth :10.5 In
Weight : 10 KG | Material : Natural Clay | Style : Antique | Filter Capacity : 0.9 micron | Capacity : 20 liter | Packing : Thermocol pack

Natural Clay Filter that gives clean , hygienic and cold water.

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Brand- Mitti Cool

Measure - 20 Litres

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Filters germs and bacteria’s of 0.9 micron sized in water which is harmful to
Along with clean and hygienic water, you get to have cold water which is
because of the natural clay.
Unique and innovative design
Painting or design can be customized.
Protects you from many harmful and water related diseases.
Laboratory tested.
Won much national and international recognition.

How to use?
Before starting to use the filter, fill the top water chamber with water and
empty it after 12 hours so that the clay gets use to water.
Once in a month make sure you soak the candles in boiling water for 10
minutes so that it gets clean.
After every 2 years it is advised to change the candles of the filter for better
The filter and the candles are meant to be cleaned with soft sponge or similar
This filter is designed to give you clean and cool water.

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